Crystal Castles, “Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3


Oh shit! Another Memory Tapes remix. The guy does not stop. But here’s why this is a good move: Crystal Castles‘ sophomore album sounds like a bunch of dudes in trench coats hopped on out of The Matrix and wandered into a goth club—which actually might have been the entire plot of the first Blade movie? Anyway—over a whole album, it gets intense. Lot of buzz saw synths and harsh moments of brooding dance music. Memory Tapes is great at smoothing those corners, a soothing break from all that darkness without actually losing much of it to the warmth he naturally imbues into every song he works on.

Download: Crystal Castles, “Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix) (via GvsB)

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  1. J says:

    this reminds me of music from that video game, Sled Storm.