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Stream: Crystal Castles, “Affection”

Following up the darkly titled “Plague” and “Wrath of God,” Crystal Castles bring us a little salvation in the form of a big-sounding, strangely soothing trance-lullaby called “Affection,” which feels equally appropriate played at a … read more »

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Crystal Castles, “Wrath of God” MP3

The progression of Crystal Castles from two person band that made all their music on a tiny keyboard to a project that could not only handle Robert Smith’s melancholy, but actively turn it into one … read more »

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Stream: Crystal Castles f. Robert Smith, “Not in Love”

This is cheesy. Not gonna lie. But that’s okay! It’s exactly as it should be. Robert Smith singing about not being in love over towering synths and Ibiza thump. It’s like Crystal Castles got together … read more »

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Crystal Castles, “Baptism (No Age RMX)” MP3

No Age‘s simulacrum of a drowsy hive of bees swarming over a folk music picnic. We would like to start an official petition: if these nice fellows ever tire of the touring/recording life (god forbid), … read more »

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Atari Teenage Riot is Back and Still Crazy

When was the last time you really, really thought about Atari Teenage Riot? According to our archives, the last time someone at The FADER thought about Atari Teenage Riot in an even cursory fashion was … read more »

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Crystal Castles, “Suffocation” (Memory Tapes Remix) MP3

Oh shit! Another Memory Tapes remix. The guy does not stop. But here’s why this is a good move: Crystal Castles‘ sophomore album sounds like a bunch of dudes in trench coats hopped on out … read more »

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Paris is Burning Redux from Crystal Castles

We heard earlier this year that filmmaker Jennie Livingston might be turning her cult vogue documentary, Paris is Burning, into a musical, a production that could be utterly amazing or thoroughly awful depending on the … read more »

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ATP New York 2009: Babies and Drums

Boredoms’ drummer Yojiro (YO2RO) Tatekawa was carried into the main performance space on a platform carried by eight dudes, ten minutes into the already heart-exploding Boadrum 9 reprise at ATP New York last Sunday. He … read more »

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces Full Lineup

Promises to be loud loud loud. read more »

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Flaming Lips Announce All Tomorrow's Parties Lineup

Looks boring. Just kidding! Looks awesome! read more »

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