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Premiere: Los Rakas, “Soy Raka” MP3

June 08, 2010

The "Soy Raka" video remains a personal favorite of all the non-viral clips to come from the Bay's turfing movement, and now you can grab the audio in all its wobbly, lip-trilling glory. Los Rakas have been stoking the fires of different styles as of late—in addition to this hometown homage, they've explored the reggae sway of "Hold Yuh" to awesome effect—and clearly they've been practicing, too: check their razor-sharp performance last weekend in San Francisco with the Turf Fienz and witness the unhindered sureness of their presence. If you can't get enough, they've got an upcoming show in San Jose and will be in New York next month for Latin Alternative Music Conference, dates after the jump.

Download: Los Rakas, "Soy Raka"

June 12, 2010 | Votolatino/La Kalle 'Be Counted...Represent' in Sunnyvale, CA (San Jose)
July 7th | QUE BAJO @ Santos
July 8th | Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) showcase @ Bowery Ballroom

Premiere: Los Rakas, “Soy Raka” MP3