Salem, I Buried My Heart Inna Wounded Knee Mix


Alright look, Crime Mob’s “Knuck if you Buck” is still a great song. It’s borderline unrecognizable until the vocals come in here because its so windblown and distant. BIG SURPRISE DUDES! This mixtape, made by Salem for no reason, is a total downer in all the best ways possible. It’s syrup slow, consistently warped and sounds like someone fucking with a radio dial at times. It makes us want to throw up—in a good way! (Is that even possible?). They also do more of that slowed trance jam stuff which then leads into what sounds like black metal but might not be. Basically it’s a series of jams that sound nothing like each other, slowed to a crawl, mixed in poor quality and spit back out under a unifying Salem aesthetic. It is awesome.

Download:Salem, I Buried My Heart Inna Wounded Knee Mix

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  1. holy shit says:

    holy shit this is fucking terrible

  2. sophia says:

    holy shit this is fucking amazing

  3. soggy p says:

    this is terribly amazing, holy shit.