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Keri Hilson, "Last Time" MP3


No offense to Keyshia Cole, but when she finally got over her break-up, it was real drag. Her first album was all cutting emotional resonance, her first hits were about getting jilted, her first tour t-shirt was a heart with a dagger through it (we bought one). Then she started making grown folks' music and when we had our heart broken, we could no longer relate. Which is not to say that Keri Hilson, our beloved pop singer/songwriter/producer (and former FADER cover star), can or should fill that void, but her new song struck a nerve we haven't felt since The Way It Is soundtracked girl lives like Keysh was sneaking peeks in our diary. On "Last Time," Keri warns us about the trappings of ex sex, believably and evocatively singing a narrative about breaking up with a dude, time passing, being kind of lonely and finally conceding she'd just do it with the dumper. This is the last time, until the next time. Girl... you know it's true.

Download: Keri Hilson, "Last Time"

Keri Hilson, "Last Time" MP3