New Gucci Mane Mixtape Features South Park Gucci Chain and Songs


To be totally real, we are still downloading this tape as we type because we felt compelled to discuss Gucci’s new South Park Kenny/Gucci eskimo/igloo chain combination featured on the cover. For some reason this chain is news to us, though it’s been featured on the internet in video form for over a month. It’s magnificence is noteworthy. The tape itself is a relatively brief collection of recent Gucci jams—”Makin Love to the Money,” “Gucci Time” etc—in case you prefer them all in one place with dudes yelling in between.

Download: Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday — Jewelry Selection Mixtape

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  1. zync form american express says:

    man this mixtape has a bunch of crazy new tracks on it, some of his best in a while. it’s a shame you didn’t write about them but then again you haven’t listened to it.

  2. Big 110 says:

    Yeah… Real Talk This Tape is crazy… Listen To. Before Reviewing…

  3. TY says:

    Who has ever know FADER for reviews? The fuck?