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oOoOO, 120 Minutes Mix


So okay. Do you know how much trouble we still have remembering which Os to capitalize in oOoOO's name? A LOT OF TROUBLE. But his music makes it all worth it. We're not gonna lie though, part of the appeal of hearing all these artists like Salem and Balam Acab and CREEP and the aforementioned oOoOO is that whenever they make a mix we get a window into their weird musical tastes. So while Salem are slowing down massive trance songs, Whitch is putting Light Asylum next to Devin the Dude like they've got absolutely everything in common on side a and oOoOO has no problem throwing a Method Man classic in with his own remix of Meena Kumari's "Alb Paa," (we don't know either). Download both sides below, and check out the 120 Minutes (not to be confused with the show or this mix, although the mix is related) club night in San Francisco at Milk Bar with Light Asylum on August 28th.

Download: oOoOO, 120 Minutes Mix

oOoOO, 120 Minutes Mix