Big Boi f. Andre 3000, “Lookin 4 Ya (Jedi RMX)” MP3


Yesterday Big Boi stopped by the East Village Radio booth to chat with our friends at Baller’s Eve, then liberated this version of “Lookin 4 Ya” with two extra verses from the Outkast fellas like he’s rap Santa Claus. Everyone feels the absence of these guys, but the pain stings evermore when presented with the chemistry of Big dropping the line keep it sci fi/ wi-fi/ always connected to/ muchacha while Three Stacks ponders doing it on the display furniture at Ikea and namedrops Tony Toni Tone. Did baby-making exist before Outkast was born? There were certainly less space babies, anyway.

Download: Big Boi f. Andre 3000, “Lookin 4 Ya (Jedi RMX)” (via Nah Right)

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  1. Ned B says:

    Now this is just ridiculously good. i hate big boi’s record company for not letting him release this.

  2. s23god says:

    YES…THIS IS crazy. crazy crazy good

  3. Mr. Tyler says:

    …and Steely Dan!

  4. Sir Indie says:

    It’s always AWESOME to have these two together…grew up listening to Outkast especially living in the South…was there any doubt this would be a awesome?! =)


  5. mildseven says:

    this is so freakin good.