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Stream: Abe Vigoda's Album Crush

photographer Todd Cole

When the Abe Vigoda dudes released the Reviver EP, it was clear that they'd been doing some moping around in the LA sun. Or maybe they were just chilling, listening to mopey music and having a really good time. Either way, they'd tightened their clatter and were adding in plenty of crude synths and baritone vocals. Crush, their excellent new record, is the logical extension of that. One time they played Schnipper's apartment in the middle of the summer, it was super hot but it made total sense. Now it'd probably make more sense for them to play one of those nonexistent cave clubs in the Matrix where dudes with pierced nipples dance with flaming torches and there are a lot of cages with people in them for some reason.

Abe Vigoda - Crush by Bella Union

Stream: Abe Vigoda's Album Crush