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End Summer with a New White Denim Album

September 24, 2010

The official last day of summer was last weekend. We celebrated by going to the beach, where the sea swallowed some our favorite possessions (we pretended that it was on purpose to seem poetic and cool). But now it's all okay! What could be better to ease the transition into blustery Autumn than some free music by White Denim? A whole album, actually. The band recorded the breezy twelve-track, appropriately-titled Last Day of Summer, on a summer vacation, which we imagine was quite lovely, and they're still even working on a third LP due out soon. If you feel obliged to support the band's upcoming tour, contribute to the cause over at their website. We're going to throw them a little something as soon as we get our wallet back from that damned ocean.

Download: White Denim, Last Day of Summer (via GvsB)

Posted: September 24, 2010
End Summer with a New White Denim Album