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Stream: Canyons, "My Rescue"


Continuing their incredibly prolonged rise to fame and fortune and success, Canyons are back after releasing a 12-inch with DFA, an exclusive mix for us and a couple scattered remixes and singles for Hole in the Sky and others. "My Rescue" is the first single from their new album (!) which will be out "sometime in 2011." We'll believe it when we see it, dudes! No just kidding though. The track is an interesting move forward for the duo, using a dance music template as a jumping off point for all sorts of weird psych excursions that can only come from spending a lot of time smoking weed and thinking about how to graft anything ever onto a rigid thump. Or you know, that's what we assume went down. Whatever the case may be, Canyons are onto something, and we're psyched (wocka wocka) to see where it goes.

Stream: Canyons, "My Rescue"

Posted: September 27, 2010
Stream: Canyons, "My Rescue"