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Video: Cam'ron f. Vado, "Soul Plane"

Song-wise, this is isn't the best of all time. It's good, yeah. The beat is by-the-numbers warmhearted soul. Cam'ron is Cam—not letting any crazy lines loose this time around, instead focusing on smacking a snitch and lording over a waffle house. It's Vado that really shines and seems comfortable being in a video that will exist only on the internet and maybe—MAYBE—Video Music Box. Like, we will now forever associate Vado with rapping while eating waffles, and with rapping about sitting on a mailbox while sitting on top of a mailbox. It's little things like this—not being too cool to do the mundane shit on camera in the service of a story (however dubious and thin that story actually might be)—and also maybe because Vado just really likes those Waffle House waffles that take up an entire plate. He's rapping about waiting for his girl while she's in the nail salon, he's chilling in parking lots in Polo gear, he's the regular dude to Cam's recently adopted off-kilter King of The Shady Midwestern Parking Lot persona. Sometimes this comes off as boring or workmanlike, a voice to fill a space where a voice needs to be, but this time it's entirely Vado's show.

Video: Cam'ron f. Vado, "Soul Plane"