Who Knew We Were So Hot for Juan Vigoda

Photographer Susan DeWitt
November 29, 2010

We've always thought Juan Vigoda (Juan Velasquez) was really cute. Like, a rager with an awesome smile, totally weird and fun to be around. Maybe not as cute as Reggie, but that's our thing and relative. But after reading the raunch-bomb sex review he published on BUTT today, we feel different entirely. In our short lives, we've taken in many helpings of filthy first-hand accounts of male rock n' roll immodesty. From these we learned that to be a famous or even modestly known musician is to have a degree of power to make easy moves on girls and behave as though you are glamorously fearless and manipulative without a lot of immediate consequences. In Juan's essay, the target of that narrative is switched, glorifying a late night of good house music, rank breath and cockplay, not boobs. Suffocating from lack of personal time on a tour of Europe's most gorgeous populations, Juan presents himself as a sex starved zombie, self-sufficient vamp and reluctant romantic, all in the course of one Berlin night.

While we were in college there was a cover feature with Ryan McGinley photos in the New York Times Magazine about the heated search in science for what sets off female desire. That article made a lot of our feminist art history colleagues really mad, mainly because it claimed that a lot of women get off on fantasies of submission or the idea of being wanted so much that an aggressor is eager to overwhelm. Without diving too thick into that idea, another thing the article talked about was a study where women, no matter their self-proclaimed sexual orientation, were aroused by porn, whether it was male/female, female/female, or male/male (gay men only got off on gay men, straight men on heterosexual pairs and girl on girl). This word-porn is super easy for a straight girl to get excited about projecting herself into. There's a profoundly unregulated environment full of ardent dudes, then an opportunity for initiative and intimacy with someone you know and like but won't have to see all the time.

The NYT article also labored to point out that for women, physical and cognitive arousal are different things, and to have a really great time, there's got to be action in both territories. While all the literate action shots are plenty for our bodies, what our brains know is that Butt is not a zine or an oh-come-on-we're-all-girls/friends-here safe space. This is the internet! To have your name attached to something this telling and graphic is commanding and radical. That's crazy sexy, dude! Even though you had us at "amazing cock".

(Via BUTT Magazine)

Who Knew We Were So Hot for Juan Vigoda