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#BeAware: Today's Waka Flocka Raid and Gucci Arrest and The Impossibility of Anonymity


Big Brother has been a constant worry on our minds ever since we read 1984 in the 5th grade. Did they see us eat that piece of candy off the floor? Will they tell my mom I just shoved all my clothes in the closet when she asked me to clean my room? Then we read Animal Farm and realized George Orwell had to be some sort of a tripper. The internet would have been his worst nightmare come true: people providing time, location and description of their every move (legal or illegal) without a care in the world— as if the government some how can't speak tweet. Big Brother is always watching you, friends, and Waka Flocka agrees with us. Following a raid on his house earlier this morning Waka took it to the tweeter and sought to shed some light on the situation. Apparently the cops were fronting and going off of a tip, but then why was Gucci arrested? Can Gucci even afford to get arrested anymore? Does he have another album coming out? Better question: What are they serving in jail these days that's got that shit being all the rage? Filet Mignon and a free video game console with every lockup? Maybe high speed internet and fresh shanks? Can somebody call Ja Rule and ask? Take a step back, though. What if this is some sort of on the low CIA operation to put all rappers behind bars so that Miley Cyrus can finally drop her official street mixtape, thus finally breaking her contract with Disney— crippling the empire and allowing herself the independence to embark on a long decade of wild antics? Is Miley trying to take out the competition? Was this tip from the same person that tipped the government about music blogs? Does Julian Assange know about this? Oh never mind he's in jail! WIKILEAKS WE NEED ANSWERS. Whatever, it's not like the police have never falsely accused anyone but then it's not like Gucci hasn't ever broken the law either. Ahh, doublethink. Hopefully everything will get sorted out without anyone having to go to jail. Over the phone freestyles don't always work for everyone. Waka's advice, however, does:

waka flocka raid

THAT'S REAL TALK. We're logging off and going into our in-office bomb shelter while the world falls apart around us. Feel free to come join us. Just google the address. Full run of Flocka's post-raid tweets, after the jump.

waka flocka raid

Posted: December 16, 2010
#BeAware: Today's Waka Flocka Raid and Gucci Arrest and The Impossibility of Anonymity