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Video: Diddy Dirty Money, "Coming Home"

Only Diddy would equate coming home with walking across a barren desert before getting into a military grade helicopter, and that is he is great. A lot of talk has been made about Diddy biting Kanye's whole BEING FAMOUS IS AMAZING UNTIL IT SUCKS DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PRESSURE?! thing, and yeah—probably! But also the dude probably lives that exact same life so when he raps shit like I hear "The Tears of a Clown"/I hate that song/I always feel like they talking to me when it comes on, our first question is, Where are you hearing that song? Probably a secret club we don't know about or can't afford to get into ever. And our second question is nothing, because when has Diddy ever done something that didn't make like everyone ever mad? This is Diddy admitting emotional weakness before we can accuse him—not that we would in the first place. The guy made an ambitious album that is more or less the musical equivalent of his tweet about wanting to buy a giraffe and parade it around NYC as a pet on some "real Diddy shit." And there you go. What is real Diddy shit? It's whatever he wants it to be. It's him eating cereal on YouTube. It's him walking across Death Valley or whatever this is. It's him knowing he's not the best rapper but doing it anyway. Recycling another Biggie verse, enlisting Rick Ross to show up in random places. Diddy started a group called Dirty Money and put himself at the center because no one else can ever understand, and this awesome, wildly listenable mess is what came of it.

Video: Diddy Dirty Money, "Coming Home"