Download New Dipset Christmas and Dipset Trance Mixtapes, Drink Egg Nog, Hallucinate


There is a lunar eclipse tonight, a full moon, the winter solstice is tomorrow, Saturn is rising, Mercury has been on retrograde and we’re in the middle of a 19 holiday party bender that we may not make it through. Our faces and hands feel like Bill Clinton’s eyes and we might hallucinate if we consume any more egg nog. Enter stage left: Dipset. A friend sent us Dipset Trance Party which led us to Dipset Christmas, and we are now playing them simultaneously to mirror our mental state, which is equal parts sloth, mania, hypnagogia and last-minute gift panic. It’s like being a turkey stuffed with MDMA. Feels good, also slightly uncomfortable. Regardless, seasonal. DIPSET DIPSET.

Download: Dipset Christmas Mixtape

Download: Dipset Trance Party Mixtape

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