The FADER Presents: Listmania 2010!

December 22, 2010

It turns out 2010 was an exceptional year for music, art and culture, which made it easy for us to make a magazine and a website and a bunch of other stuff, that hopefully brightened or enlightened your brain at least occasionally. You've probably already read endless rankings of albums, songs and videos that you already know you love, so as usual, we are offering something a little less conventional, and a lot more ridiculous. Without further ado, we present The FADER's Fifth Annual Listmania. Enjoy, and see you in 2011.

Most Underrated Aspects of the Most Highly Rated Albums of 2010
8. The return of honky tonk on "The Suburbs" from Arcade Fire's The Suburbs
7. Rostam Batmanglij's recording of the strings on Vampire Weekend's Contra
6. Ambient kitchen sounds on Beach House's "Real Love" from Teen Dream
5. The addition of weird whooping cough thing to Rick Ross' adlib lexicon on Teflon Don
4. The González family (father Dennis, sons Aaron and Stephan) on "Hot Body Rub" from Ariel Pink's Before Today
3. Young Jeezy's verse on Drake's "Unforgettable" from Thank Me Later
2. The saxophone on Deerhunter's "Coronado" from Halcyon Digest
1. Mike Dean's mix of Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Artists We Hope to See More of in 2011
Panda Bear
Hercules and Love Affair
Young Jeezy
Rich Boy
Everyone making good dancehall

Countries Visited by The FADER in 2010
South Africa
Dominican Republic

Expectedly Great Shows We Saw in Unexpectedly Great Venues
Band of Horses at Grand Central Station
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 on the freezing cold roof of Nike's Football Training Centre Soweto
AraabMuzik in Dame Dash's basement
The XX in front of a big crucifix at a church in Texas
Hisham Bharoocha possible improvisation at Pamela Love fashion show
Erick Rincon at a quinceañera

Albums We Really Liked But Somehow Managed Not to Talk Much About Despite Best Intentions
Deerhunter, Halcyon Digest
Wiz Khalifa, Kush and Orange Juice mixtape
No Age, Everything In Between
Darkstar, North
Abe Vigoda, Crush
Dustin Wong, Infinite Love
Maxmillion Dunbar, Cool Water
Lindstrom and Christabelle, Real Life is No Cool
Teengirl Fantasy, 7AM
Nightlands, Forget the Mantra
Weekend, Sports
Twin Shadow, Forget
Wild Nothing, Gemini

Albums We Should Not Have Been Able to Fall Asleep to on the C Train But Somehow Did in 2010 (Still Love 'Em Tho)
Marnie Stern, Marnie Stern
Konono No. 1, Assume Crash Position
Dads, Hat Creek 7-inch
Various Artists, Bangs & Works Vol. 1
Soulja Boy, The DeAndre Way
Wu-Tang Clan, Forever

Top Three Uses of Ballet in Film or Video
3. Kanye West' "Runaway" video, long form
2. Kanye West "Runaway" live performance on the VMAs
1. Black Swan

29 Creative Uses of Spelling on Kanye West’s Twitter, Ranked According to Length
29. Yoo
28. Yooo
27. Yoooo
26. Uuuum
25. Crazeee
24. Stuuupid
23. Daaaamn
22. Daaaaamn
21. Uuuuuuuuh
20. Poooowerrrrr
19. Greeeeeeat : (
18. Yoooooooooooo
17. Swiizzzzzzyyyy
16. Wooooooooooow
15. Uuuuuuuugghhhh
14. Praaadaaaaaaaaa
13. Wooooooooooooow
12. Loooooooooooooove
11. C’monnnnnnnnnnnnn
10. Gooooooooooooooose
9. Moooooonsteeeeeeeer
8. Wooooooooaaaaaahhhh
7. Crrrrraaaaaaaazeeeeeee
6. Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
5. Wooooooooooooooooooow
4. Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
3. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum
2. Akwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard

What Kanye West is Giving to "This One" on Christmas According to his Recently Released "Christmas in Harlem," Ranked by How Much We Want Each Thing
8. A newborn that is too cute (we're not ready or financially solvent)
7. Sleigh bells (too loud)
6. Reindeer (No place for them to live really)
5. Snow (It's only fun for like a day)
4. New suit (Not if we have to feed the cute baby and the reindeer)
3. Winter coat (Knowing Kanye he'd probably give us something wildly expensive, which is cool but also daunting. Like, are we really in any position to owe that dude a favor or an equally good gift?)
2. The Whole family (what if we have some terrible cousin we don't know about?)
1. All the Christmas cheer

Top Four Non-Bon Iver Appearances by Justin Vernon
4. "Lost In The World" by Kanye West
3. In a white suit at Gayngs prom
2. Volcano Choir's first and only live shows, in Japan
1. "Monster" by Kanye West

Number of Seconds This Dog Scratches its Ear in Feist's Look At What The Light Did Now Documentary

1. 25

Top 11 Liner Note Thank You’s in Drake's Thank Me Later
11. Justin Bieber
10. Kobe Bryant
9. Fats, John and Juan
8. Jimmy Julius and Norm
7. Kings of Leon
6. Perkoset [sic]
5. Tedde Moore (Ms. Shebib)
4. Parma ninja
3. Branko Popic
2. Jonah Hill
1. Paul for doing the surgery

Top Two Stage Dives
2. Trash Talk
1. Waka Flocka Flame

Top Two Artists Who Show Up When We Type "Jamie XX" into the iTunes Search Bar
2. Jamie Foxx
1. Jamie XX

Top 16 SAT Words Joanna Newsom Sings on Have One On Me
16. Wall-eyed
15. Waxwing
14. Sodden
13. Obstinate
12. Furrows
11. Jamb
10. Sanatorium
9. Boucle
8. Blackguard
7. Riven
6. Mewling
5. Gormless
4. Shunt
3. Jacquard
2. Etiolated
1. Palanquin

Excellent Songs Produced by Lex Luger in 2010 (Reverse Chronological Order)
Wiz Khalifa, "Taylor Gang"
Rick Ross f. TI, "9 Piece"
Tyga, "Like Me"
Frenchie f. Scoupe, "Focus"
Gucci Mane f. Slim Dunkin & Muffy, "I'm In Love"
Doe Boy, "Swag School"
Ace Hood, "Hustle Hard"
Diamond f. Waka Flocka, "Hit Dat Hoe"
Waka Flocka, Flockaveli
Jim Jones f. Cam'ron, Vado & Yo Gotti, "Gretsky"
JP, "How I Lean"
Jap f. Gucci Mane, "Sho Is"
Waka Flocka, "Grove St. Party"
Waka Flocka f. Frenchie, "Brick Squad Raised Me"
Tay Don, "M.O.B."
Gorilla Zoe, "Fuck U"
Rick Ross f. Gucci Mane, "MC Hammer"
OJ da Juiceman, "Kingpin"
CTC f. Bo Deal, "Wild Life"
Waka Flocka f. Gucci Mane, "Hard In Da Paint (Remix)"
Trillville, "Red Cup After Party" [w Tay Beatz]
Rick Ross f. Styles P, "Blowin' Money Fast (BMF)"
Waka Flocka f. Gudda Gudda, "Young Money Brick Squad"
Waka Flocka Flame Ft. David Blayne, "Bout A Dollar"
Frenchie f. Gorilla Zoe, "Mean Mug"
Waka Flocka, "Hard In Da Paint"

Top Three Places We Saw Phoenix With Like 100,000 Other People
3. The place where Obama gave his acceptance speech
2. The place where the Knicks have sucked for awhile but are good now
1. Hollywood Bowl

Top Three Famous People We Watched Phoenix With at Hollywood Bowl
3. Sofia Coppola (presumably)
2. Minka Kelly
1. Jimmy Kimmel

Top Five Dougies
5. Best Dougie Mix of All Time
4. The Braylon Edwards Illegal Dougie (with excellent commentary!)
3. The GLEE chick OWNIN Dougie
2. Skip Bayless EmBURRassing Himself Dougie
1. John Wall Killin Em Pre-Game Dougie

Top 14 Versions of Gyptian's "Hold Yuh" In Our iTunes
14. Gyptian f. Foxy Brown, "Hold Yuh (Remix)"
13. Los Rakas f. Faviola, "Abrazame"
12. IPhone Voice Memo 2/03/10 (recorded to create our "Hold Yuh" ringtone)
11. Gyptian, Hold Yuh "La Roux/ Major Lazer Remix)"
10. Gyptain f. Vybz Kartel and Machel Montano, "Hold Yuh (Soca Remix)"
9. Michael Montano, "Wine on Me (Hold Yuh Riddim)"
8. Gyptian, "Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)"
7. Jazmine Sullivan, "Luv Back"
6. Gyptian, "Hold Yuh"
5. Gyptian, "Nah Let Go"
4. Ricky Blaze, "You and I"
3. Gyptian f. Nicki Minaj, "Hold Yuh (Remix)"
2. Lady Saw, "Me Hold Yuh"
1. Los Rakas, "Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)"

Top Two Rap Mentions of Haiti Relief Donations as a Form of Stunting
1. Nicki Minaj "Bottoms Up"
2. Rick Ross "Live Fast, Die Young"

Top Five Awkward Places FADER Publisher and Suburban Dad Andy Cohn Played Yelawolf Songs in 2010
5. For my mom and grandmom while they were over babysitting my kids, saw the Yelawolf FADER cover and asked 'what the artist sounds like’
4. On headphones at my three-year-old’s tae kwon do practice
3. On an iPod speaker dock in a platform tennis hut surrounded by a bunch of 45+ year old guys
2. Parking lot of my six-year-old’s elementary school
1. In my house at my daughter’s sixth birthday party (by accident after a children’s mix ended, iTunes skipped right into “Get the Fuck Up” )

Tom Brady's Top Arguments For Why He is the New Uggs Spokesman
1. Bruce Willis has a vodka

Rappers on DJ Khaled's "On My Way," Ranked in Order of How Much We'd Like to Watch a Documentary About Their Lives Based on Name Alone
9. Kevin "KC" Cossom
8. Ace Hood
7. Young Cash
6. Ice Berg
5. Gunplay
4. Bali
3. Rum
2. BallGreezy
1. Desloc Piccalo

Top Seven Romantic Comedies That Could Be James Blake Song Titles
7. It's Complicated
6 . Love Actually
5. Return to Me
4. Made of Honor
3. Fever Pitch
2. Definitely, Maybe
1. 27 Dresses

Top 17 People Our Video Producer Asked to Smoke Her Out at Lollapalooza
17-1. Strangers

Top Things Garrett from Trash Talk Kept on Him at All Times on Tour in the UK This Summer
3. Grape Swishers
2. Magnums
1. Lighter with a kitten on it

Top Twelve Rejuvenating Drinks for Late Night Edits (Hangovers)
12. Trader Joe's Electrolyte Enhanced Water
11. Zico Pure Coconut Water Natural
10. V8 Tomato Juice
9. Fruit20 Blueberry Pomegranate
8. Vintage Mandarin Orange Carbonated Seltzer
7. Ito En Oi Ocha Green Tea
6. Trader Joe's Raspberry Lime Sparkling Mineral Water
5. Smoothie of one whole grapefruit, one whole orange, one frozen banana (Martha Stewart recipe)
4. Green Juice of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger
3. Skinny Water XXX Detox
2. O.N.E. Active Grape Berry
1. Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Beverage

Top Three Trader Joe's Cat Cookie (for People) Flavors
3. Chocolate
2. Ginger
1. Regular

Top 8 Things Lil B Shout's out in "Fader Front Cover," his remix of the Miley Cyrus "Salvia Cackle (Witch House Remix)"
8. The FADER Magazine
7. Starbucks coffee
5. The FADER Fort
4. FADER photographers
3. Caroline
2. Everybody behind the desk in NY not showing they face
1. 2011

Top Five FADER Photographers, Ranked By 2010 Page Count
5. Daryl Peveto (15)
4. Ray Stevenson (19)
3. Three way tie: Justin Maxon, Leonie Purchas, Gabriele Stabile (20)
2. Andrew Dosunmu (26)
1. Jason Nocito (35)

Top Four Most Requested Existing Lil B Unreliable Narrator Songs
7. "I'm God"
6. "I'm The Devil"
5. "I Am The Ocean"
4. "Bitch I'm Bill Clinton"
3. "I'm Miley Cyrus"
2. "I'm Heem"
1. "I'm Paris Hilton"

Top Four Most Requested As-Yet-Nonexistent Lil B Unreliable Narrator Songs
4. "I'm Baby Jessica"
3. "I'm Laura Mulvey"
2. "I'm Julie 'The Cat' Gaffney"
1. "I'm Leelee Sobieski"

Top Five YouTube Videos Favorited by Lil B
5. Random Skate Fun
4. Only In Saudi Arabia
3. Poke’mon
2. The Summer
1. Sandra Bernhard on Late Night with David Letterman 1989

Top Five Places Earl Sweatshirt Really Is
5. At home focusing really hard on the decision between Vassar and Stanford
4. Lyor Cohen's office
3. Trapped under a pile of forgotten all over print deadstock at Supreme
2. At a retreat with the other writers of Breaking Bad
1. Grounded

Top 25 things @fucktyler of Odd Future Hates or Can Do Without, According to his Twitter
25. People who wear hats with the tags on
24. Money, diamonds, and bitches
23. This fucking touch screen
22. Weed
21. Feelings
20. Writers
19. Rap critics
18. Networking
17. Steve Harvey
16. The jerk movement
15. A hypeman
14. Small/medium BBC/Ice Cream
13. You
12. Apple
11. Steve Jobs
10. His fans who love 'real hip hop' and hate Waka Flocka
9. Your fucking mom
8. Females that know his friends
7. Females that smoke
6. Females in make up
5. College
4. Halo
3. His family
2. His grandmother
1. His dad

Top 13 things @fucktyler of Odd Future Loves or Wants, According to his Twitter
13. Yogurtland
12. Gingers
11. R Kelly
10. The word paradox
9. Having the house to himself
8. Roy Ayers
7. Fam-Lay's TRAIN2GO
6. To make a song about oatmeal
5. A little bit a money
4. Someone to draw a photo of him
3. To go to Walmart to buy Justin Biebers new shit
2. An iced out inhaler
1. To fuck a girl with curly hair and freckles

Four Pieces of Evidence That the Fashion Community Collectively Dropped Acid this Year
4. The ushers at Missoni's Spring 2011 show
3. The Kenneth Anger-directed Missoni campaign video
2. Velour's parnoid, I-smoked-too-much-weed moment
1. Sarah Williams made bags that Salvador Dali would love

Most Earth-Shattering Declaration Made By the NY Times Style Section
1. "2010 will be remembered as the year of the transsexual"

Top Six Silly Bandz We Received in Summer 2010
6. Genie (glitter purple)
5. Unidentifiable animal, hippo maybe (blue)
4. Palm tree that looks like weed leaf (green)
3. Outline of word "FUN" (orange)
2. Low Rider Car (purple)
1. Pair of shorts, one leg bigger than the other (blue)

Top Five Dream Fashion Collabos
5. Dries Van Noten x H&M
4. Chloe Sevigny for Gap
3. Nicki Minaj x MAC
2. Junya Watanabe for Uniqlo
1. Christophe Lemaire for American Apparel

Top Four Nicki Minaj Wigs
4. Crop Blue Poodle
3. Pink Beehive
2. Slime Dip
1. Rainbow Dip Ombre

Top Six Rejected Nicki Minaj Personae
7. Jackie Nicholson
6. Lance Armbong
5. Fierce Sangria
4. Sweetie Pie
3. Rabbi Potter
2. Cornelia Featherbottom
1. Annette Benning

Top Two Things You Can Do, Homeboy
2. Run
1. Tell dat

Top Thing It's Starting to Look Like
1. A triple rainbow

Eleven Sweet Cover Songs
11. Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon, "Whip My Hair"
10. jj, "Right Side of My Brain"
9. CFCF, "Big Love"
8. Hot Chip,"She Wolf"
7. Gayngs, "Eye in the Sky"
6. Susan Boyle,"Perfect Day"
5. ceo, "Halo"
4. Peter Gabriel, "Flume"
3. Wooden Shjips,"Drunk Girls"
2. The , "Show Me Love"
1. Warpaint, "Ashes to Ashes"

The Top Six Lyrics on Warpaint's The Fool Proving it is the Most Brutal Breakup, Heartbreak Record of 2010 Even if They Say it Isn't, Because Sometimes People are Wrong About Themselves and Their True Feelings Come Through Despite Trying to Bury Them in Positive Spin and Super Sick Drumming
6. All that time it took you get yourself straight/ Was too late/ So work harder for the things you made in me
5. I went looking/ Went searching/ Under the water/ Sinking and pushing/ Til you pulled me under/ To where you are/ To where we build our house/ And so we sink so far down/ And we can't go back now/ Can't go back now
4. Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?/ You better learn your lesson yourself/ Nobody ever has to find out/ What's in my mind tonight
3. You could have been my king
2.Don't you call anybody else baby/ Cause I'm your baby still
1. When I held your hand/ You still went the other way/ And you wanted me to stay/ With my arm stretching away/ With my arm stretching away/ I couldn't stand that sight/ But I adored your face/ I adored your face

Top Six Tie-Dyers in the Game
6. Rebecca Minkoff
5. The people of Bonnaroo
4. Audrey Louise Reynolds
3. Upstate
2. Shabd
1. Marlina Fletcher
Top Nine Groups of People Mentioned in the Lyrics of LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening
9. The pedophiles
8. Marxists
7. Drunk boys
6. Drunk girls
5. People who need people
4. The kids
3. Your babies
2. Pedestrians
1. Complicated people

Top Nine Specific People Mentioned in the Lyrics of LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening
9. An actual jerk
8. A lover who is smarter than me
7. The Man
6. Michael Musto
5. Bruce Villanch
4. Black president
3. Babe
2. Darling
1. The girl who has put up with all your shit

Most Tasteless Cover Song
1. Courtney Love, "Jeremy"

Five Best Snooki Slippers or Slippers Endorsed by Snooki on
5. Rainbow Happy Feet
4. Sheepdog Animal Feet
3. Armadillo Animal Feet
2. Snooki's Pink and White
1. Snooki's Leopard Print

Top Two Celebrity Singers Who Starred in Their Own Home Shopping Network Broadcast
2. Liza Minelli
1. Mariah Carey

Top Three Phrases Spelled on the Office Door with Bucky Balls
3. Justin Bieber
2. Schnipper Loves Justin Bieber
1. Buft Sex

Top Seven Sexual YouTube Comments on AraabMuzik Videos
7. i thank i just jizzed
6. @ 5:23 homeboy nutted on himself....LoL
5. nigga jacks off at warp speed
4. I need to go change my pants.
3. This is so sick. He must finger alot of people though?
2. i think he statutory raped it
1. arrab musik fingered a crackhead lol

Favorite Eight Mike Dean Posts on
8. Gay=stupid. Dont u watch southpark? Lol
7. Duggie music is so gay.
6. This forum is full of *********s.
5. Wha wha wha. U know how many songs you could have mixed while all of you have been typing 1000 word responses and shot. Lol. Get off the net and get to work!!!!
4. Wayne looks like he got a big ass herpes on his mouth!!! Lol j.k.
3. and sorry i dont answer so fast . i dont live here. am un=susally smoking kush or mixing!!!
2. key of c . im just gonna make about 12 beats around chriestmas carols. white christman, silent night and white christman etc. u know like a fake book stule. help me out bro!!!!!!!!
1. im a music dude lol google me mike dean rap producer

Top 23 People Marina Abromovic Made Cry
23. Wannabe Juan from Abe Vigoda
22. Girl with long face and lipstick
21. Gallagher lookalike
19. Weird beard in ecstasy
18. What the fuck is on that lady's eye
17. Dude who definitely smoked weed that morning
16. Kid who for sure gets called Harry Potter in class :(
15. Uh is that Tiger Woods' Norwegian or whatever ex-wife because it totally looks like her
14. Lady who is choosing to not cover tears with the sunglasses that are on her head
13. Real pale dude with white hair and red face like Tom Coughlin
12. Bug eyes!
11. Crazy hat!
10. Guy who just got a haircut like right before he went to MoMA because he knew his picture was gonna get taken
9. Real nice looking lady who is probably an aunt
8. That fucking dude who showed up like 10,000 times we know you are weird and passionate dude
7. Other girl who went lots of times but seems less weird
6. Dude who has never cut his hair
5. Oh man that dude looks like Al Bundy's stepkid on Modern Family!
4. Guy who looks like he is in Parliament
3. Weird tattoos on her hands
2. "Who farted?" woman
1. Sad girl with braids

Top Five Memorable FADER TV Moments That Never Aired:
5. Cloud Nothings giving us a tour of a storage closet
4. Smoking weed with Gwar and Harlem
3. Talking about smoking weed with Crocodiles
2. The-Dream yelling at us in our rented Tercel from his owned Porsche, "Check out my rims, bitch!"
1. Big Boi placing an order for a medium caramel frappuccino with quadruple whip cream and quadruple caramel on his cellphone

Top Two Videos of Don Trip Rapping With No Shirt On in a Studio (in Order of Bleakness)
2. Don Trip, "Halloween"
1. Don Trip, "Letter to My Son"

Top Four Things That Are Normal to Gucci Mane (in Descending Order of Normalcy to Us)
5. House shoes
4. Thermals
3. Lasagna
2. Hondas
1. Hitting the mall and spending like 30

Top Eight @Diplo Tweets about AMC's Zombie Drama Walking Dead
1. Top 10 Rejected Spine Lines (the two-word phrases on the spine of every issue of The FADER)
10. Weekend Burnies
9. Phat Folds
8. Heat Rave
7. Private Baths
6. Solar Puff
5. 14th Floor
4. Silly Bandz
3. Justin Beiber
2. God Doctor
1. Stabbin' Fever

Bjorn Copeland for the Animal Collective Guest Editor Issue (FADER #65)
Jenny Mortsell for the Shabba Ranks/Siouxsie Sioux Icon Issue (FADER #67)
Cody Hudson for the Shabba Ranks/Siouxsie Sioux Icon Issue (FADER #67)
Micah Lidberg for Oguchi Onyewu Nwsprnt (FADER #68)

FADER Light & Magic for the RinseFM Nwsprnt (FADER #69)
Vena Cava for FADE OUT (FADER #69)
Nikolay Saveliev for FADE OUT (FADER #70)

Alex Robbins for DJ Nate Nwsprnt (FADER #71)
Ho-Mui Wong for Cover Bands Nwsprnt (FADER #71)
Friends of Type for FADE OUT (FADER #71)

Posted: December 22, 2010
The FADER Presents: Listmania 2010!