The FADER Presents: Listmania 2010!

Excellent Songs Produced by Lex Luger in 2010 (Reverse Chronological Order)
Wiz Khalifa, “Taylor Gang”
Rick Ross f. TI, “9 Piece”
Tyga, “Like Me”
Frenchie f. Scoupe, “Focus”
Gucci Mane f. Slim Dunkin & Muffy, “I’m In Love”
Doe Boy, “Swag School”
Ace Hood, “Hustle Hard”
Diamond f. Waka Flocka, “Hit Dat Hoe”
Waka Flocka, Flockaveli
Jim Jones f. Cam’ron, Vado & Yo Gotti, “Gretsky”
JP, “How I Lean”
Jap f. Gucci Mane, “Sho Is”
Waka Flocka, “Grove St. Party”
Waka Flocka f. Frenchie, “Brick Squad Raised Me”
Tay Don, “M.O.B.”
Gorilla Zoe, “Fuck U”
Rick Ross f. Gucci Mane, “MC Hammer”
OJ da Juiceman, “Kingpin”
CTC f. Bo Deal, “Wild Life”
Waka Flocka f. Gucci Mane, “Hard In Da Paint (Remix)”
Trillville, “Red Cup After Party” [w Tay Beatz]
Rick Ross f. Styles P, “Blowin’ Money Fast (BMF)”
Waka Flocka f. Gudda Gudda, “Young Money Brick Squad”
Waka Flocka Flame Ft. David Blayne, “Bout A Dollar”
Frenchie f. Gorilla Zoe, “Mean Mug”
Waka Flocka, “Hard In Da Paint”

Top Three Places We Saw Phoenix With Like 100,000 Other People
3. The place where Obama gave his acceptance speech
2. The place where the Knicks have sucked for awhile but are good now
1. Hollywood Bowl

Top Three Famous People We Watched Phoenix With at Hollywood Bowl
3. Sofia Coppola (presumably)
2. Minka Kelly
1. Jimmy Kimmel

Top Five Dougies
5. Best Dougie Mix of All Time
4. The Braylon Edwards Illegal Dougie (with excellent commentary!)
3. The GLEE chick OWNIN Dougie
2. Skip Bayless EmBURRassing Himself Dougie
1. John Wall Killin Em Pre-Game Dougie

Top 14 Versions of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” In Our iTunes
14. Gyptian f. Foxy Brown, “Hold Yuh (Remix)”
13. Los Rakas f. Faviola, “Abrazame”
12. IPhone Voice Memo 2/03/10 (recorded to create our “Hold Yuh” ringtone)
11. Gyptian, Hold Yuh “La Roux/ Major Lazer Remix)”
10. Gyptain f. Vybz Kartel and Machel Montano, “Hold Yuh (Soca Remix)”
9. Michael Montano, “Wine on Me (Hold Yuh Riddim)”
8. Gyptian, “Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)”
7. Jazmine Sullivan, “Luv Back”
6. Gyptian, “Hold Yuh”
5. Gyptian, “Nah Let Go”
4. Ricky Blaze, “You and I”
3. Gyptian f. Nicki Minaj, “Hold Yuh (Remix)”
2. Lady Saw, “Me Hold Yuh”
1. Los Rakas, “Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)”

Top Two Rap Mentions of Haiti Relief Donations as a Form of Stunting
1. Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”
2. Rick Ross “Live Fast, Die Young”

Top Five Awkward Places FADER Publisher and Suburban Dad Andy Cohn Played Yelawolf Songs in 2010
5. For my mom and grandmom while they were over babysitting my kids, saw the Yelawolf FADER cover and asked ‘what the artist sounds like’
4. On headphones at my three-year-old’s tae kwon do practice
3. On an iPod speaker dock in a platform tennis hut surrounded by a bunch of 45+ year old guys
2. Parking lot of my six-year-old’s elementary school
1. In my house at my daughter’s sixth birthday party (by accident after a children’s mix ended, iTunes skipped right into “Get the Fuck Up” )

Tom Brady’s Top Arguments For Why He is the New Uggs Spokesman
1. Bruce Willis has a vodka

Rappers on DJ Khaled’s “On My Way,” Ranked in Order of How Much We’d Like to Watch a Documentary About Their Lives Based on Name Alone
9. Kevin “KC” Cossom
8. Ace Hood
7. Young Cash
6. Ice Berg
5. Gunplay
4. Bali
3. Rum
2. BallGreezy
1. Desloc Piccalo

Top Seven Romantic Comedies That Could Be James Blake Song Titles
7. It’s Complicated
6 . Love Actually
5. Return to Me
4. Made of Honor
3. Fever Pitch
2. Definitely, Maybe
1. 27 Dresses

Top 17 People Our Video Producer Asked to Smoke Her Out at Lollapalooza
17-1. Strangers

Top Things Garrett from Trash Talk Kept on Him at All Times on Tour in the UK This Summer
3. Grape Swishers
2. Magnums
1. Lighter with a kitten on it

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  1. zither says:

    pretentious bullshit

  2. Prill Prill says:

    Weekend Burnies? C’mon, use that! Classic.

  3. The Voice of BASED GOD says:

    Needed more BASED GOD lists.

  4. Natalia C says:

    Andy Cohn’s list of awkward Yelawolf plays was an instant classic.

  5. spaulding says:

    more based lord references cutty.

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  8. PurpleKushY says:

    some of these had me dyin’

  9. Oliver Best says:

    visit Nicaragua in 2011!