The FADER Presents: Listmania 2010!

The Top Six Lyrics on Warpaint’s The Fool Proving it is the Most Brutal Breakup, Heartbreak Record of 2010 Even if They Say it Isn’t, Because Sometimes People are Wrong About Themselves and Their True Feelings Come Through Despite Trying to Bury Them in Positive Spin and Super Sick Drumming
6. All that time it took you get yourself straight/ Was too late/ So work harder for the things you made in me
5. I went looking/ Went searching/ Under the water/ Sinking and pushing/ Til you pulled me under/ To where you are/ To where we build our house/ And so we sink so far down/ And we can’t go back now/ Can’t go back now
4. Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?/ You better learn your lesson yourself/ Nobody ever has to find out/ What’s in my mind tonight
3. You could have been my king
2.Don’t you call anybody else baby/ Cause I’m your baby still
1. When I held your hand/ You still went the other way/ And you wanted me to stay/ With my arm stretching away/ With my arm stretching away/ I couldn’t stand that sight/ But I adored your face/ I adored your face

Top Six Tie-Dyers in the Game
6. Rebecca Minkoff
5. The people of Bonnaroo
4. Audrey Louise Reynolds
3. Upstate
2. Shabd
1. Marlina Fletcher
faderlistmaniaminkoffbonnaroofaderlistmaniaaudreylouisereynoldsupstatefaderlistmaniashabdmarlinafletcherTop Nine Groups of People Mentioned in the Lyrics of LCD Soundsystem’s This is Happening
9. The pedophiles
8. Marxists
7. Drunk boys
6. Drunk girls
5. People who need people
4. The kids
3. Your babies
2. Pedestrians
1. Complicated people

Top Nine Specific People Mentioned in the Lyrics of LCD Soundsystem’s This is Happening
9. An actual jerk
8. A lover who is smarter than me
7. The Man
6. Michael Musto
5. Bruce Villanch
4. Black president
3. Babe
2. Darling
1. The girl who has put up with all your shit

Most Tasteless Cover Song
1. Courtney Love, “Jeremy”

Five Best Snooki Slippers or Slippers Endorsed by Snooki on
5. Rainbow Happy Feet
4. Sheepdog Animal Feet
3. Armadillo Animal Feet
2. Snooki’s Pink and White
1. Snooki’s Leopard Print

Top Two Celebrity Singers Who Starred in Their Own Home Shopping Network Broadcast
2. Liza Minelli
1. Mariah Carey

Top Three Phrases Spelled on the Office Door with Bucky Balls
3. Justin Bieber
2. Schnipper Loves Justin Bieber
1. Buft Sex

Top Seven Sexual YouTube Comments on AraabMuzik Videos
7. i thank i just jizzed
6. @ 5:23 homeboy nutted on himself….LoL
5. nigga jacks off at warp speed
4. I need to go change my pants.
3. This is so sick. He must finger alot of people though?
2. i think he statutory raped it
1. arrab musik fingered a crackhead lol

Favorite Eight Mike Dean Posts on
8. Gay=stupid. Dont u watch southpark? Lol
7. Duggie music is so gay.
6. This forum is full of *********s.
5. Wha wha wha. U know how many songs you could have mixed while all of you have been typing 1000 word responses and shot. Lol. Get off the net and get to work!!!!
4. Wayne looks like he got a big ass herpes on his mouth!!! Lol j.k.
3. and sorry i dont answer so fast . i dont live here. am un=susally smoking kush or mixing!!!
2. key of c . im just gonna make about 12 beats around chriestmas carols. white christman, silent night and white christman etc. u know like a fake book stule. help me out bro!!!!!!!!
1. im a music dude lol google me mike dean rap producer

Top 23 People Marina Abromovic Made Cry
23. Wannabe Juan from Abe Vigoda
22. Girl with long face and lipstick
21. Gallagher lookalike
19. Weird beard in ecstasy
18. What the fuck is on that lady’s eye
17. Dude who definitely smoked weed that morning
16. Kid who for sure gets called Harry Potter in class :(
15. Uh is that Tiger Woods’ Norwegian or whatever ex-wife because it totally looks like her
14. Lady who is choosing to not cover tears with the sunglasses that are on her head
13. Real pale dude with white hair and red face like Tom Coughlin
12. Bug eyes!
11. Crazy hat!
10. Guy who just got a haircut like right before he went to MoMA because he knew his picture was gonna get taken
9. Real nice looking lady who is probably an aunt
8. That fucking dude who showed up like 10,000 times we know you are weird and passionate dude
7. Other girl who went lots of times but seems less weird
6. Dude who has never cut his hair
5. Oh man that dude looks like Al Bundy’s stepkid on Modern Family!
4. Guy who looks like he is in Parliament
3. Weird tattoos on her hands
2. “Who farted?” woman
1. Sad girl with braids

Top Five Memorable FADER TV Moments That Never Aired:
5. Cloud Nothings giving us a tour of a storage closet
4. Smoking weed with Gwar and Harlem
3. Talking about smoking weed with Crocodiles
2. The-Dream yelling at us in our rented Tercel from his owned Porsche, “Check out my rims, bitch!”
1. Big Boi placing an order for a medium caramel frappuccino with quadruple whip cream and quadruple caramel on his cellphone

Top Two Videos of Don Trip Rapping With No Shirt On in a Studio (in Order of Bleakness)
2. Don Trip, “Halloween
1. Don Trip, “Letter to My Son

Top Four Things That Are Normal to Gucci Mane (in Descending Order of Normalcy to Us)
5. House shoes
4. Thermals
3. Lasagna
2. Hondas
1. Hitting the mall and spending like 30

Top Eight @Diplo Tweets about AMC’s Zombie Drama Walking Dead
8. walking dead diplo
7. walking dead diplo
6. walking dead diplo
5. walking dead diplo
4. walking dead diplo
3. walking dead diplo
2. walking dead diplo
1. walking dead diploTop 10 Rejected Spine Lines (the two-word phrases on the spine of every issue of The FADER)
10. Weekend Burnies
9. Phat Folds
8. Heat Rave
7. Private Baths
6. Solar Puff
5. 14th Floor
4. Silly Bandz
3. Justin Beiber
2. God Doctor
1. Stabbin’ Fever

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  1. zither says:

    pretentious bullshit

  2. Prill Prill says:

    Weekend Burnies? C’mon, use that! Classic.

  3. The Voice of BASED GOD says:

    Needed more BASED GOD lists.

  4. Natalia C says:

    Andy Cohn’s list of awkward Yelawolf plays was an instant classic.

  5. spaulding says:

    more based lord references cutty.

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  8. PurpleKushY says:

    some of these had me dyin’

  9. Oliver Best says:

    visit Nicaragua in 2011!