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Premiere: Gatekeeper, "Serpent (D'eon Remix)" MP3


D'eon's remix of Gatekeeper's "Serpent" is the perfect length. It allows D'eon to really uncurl and drop weird vibes and synths all over the furious drums, which totally skirt drum 'n' bass in the best way possible. All in all, it's an unnerving, deeply listenable dance track, which is perfect for the times we live in (those times include dead birds (RIP those birds) and also men sniffing women's tears (which...what?) and suddenly being not stoked on said women). Maybe everyone should just embrace the apocalypse (and/or go smell some tears) and then go see Gatekeeper and/or D'eon in the hopes it will include this song and, at the very least, an unbelievable amount of smoke.

Download: Gatekeeper, "Serpent (D'eon Remix)"

Premiere: Gatekeeper, "Serpent (D'eon Remix)" MP3