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Last Night Gucci Did Something Terrible To His Face

Gucci Mane has been kept under watch at a rehab and mental health facility for the past while, but he took the occasion of his recent release as an opportunity to give himself a little breathing space. Last night he rode up to Tenth Street Tattoo near Georgia Tech in Atlanta and had Shane Willoughby tattoo a three-scoop ice cream cone on his right cheek. The look's got the word brr on the top of the waffle, baby blue highlights and two red lightning bolts running through it. It's about the conflict and balance of hot and cool energies? Jason Murray, dude who works at the piercing shop down the way (his twitter profile says "I am probably best known for doing Monica's eye diamond"), captured the fresh and swollen moment and used yfrog to share it with the whole tweeting world. Yes these pictures are confusing, maybe disheartening! But Gucci's had at least five other ink-sessions on his face and more on his neck, and they're not really screaming out that hard. From the look of it, the blue on the scoops will be faded soon, the rest will blend, like the others have, over time. Shout out to Gucci's make-up artist. The tattoo in the making, after the jump.

Last Night Gucci Did Something Terrible To His Face