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Hype Williams' FACT Mix MP3


If it seems like we post just about every FACT mix, it's probably because they're a great window into the minds of some of the more obtuse artists around. Hype Williams (the duo, not the dude) take the cake. Their music somewhere between a really intense drug trip and the realization that some kids with a knack for the internet and a deep, deep understanding of pop culture can really fuck with our brains in appealing ways. In a lot of ways, Hype Williams point to a future that is already happening: MP3 quality ignored in the favor of easy access YouTube rips, records scratched to shit but played anyway, sounds coming out of tiny computer speakers. This is our reality, and Hype Williams have found a way to mold it into something new. Sometimes it falls flat, but mostly it succeeds. Their mix takes on some of everything, treats all genres the same. It seems scattered, but all that's left is a leveled playing field, and when it's used right—like it is here—it is awesome.

Download: Hype Williams' FACT Mix

Hype Williams' FACT Mix MP3