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Dr. Dre Definitely Started Burning Man

According to, Dr. Dre started Burning Man. A handwritten letter attributed to the good doctor claims Dre was scouting shooting locations for the “California Love” video when he stumbled upon Burning Man, whose lack of entrance fees and promise of “crazy, naked motherfuckers in the desert” gave him a great idea: to “get behind this shit and make some loot off of these fools.” And the rest was history! In reality, Burning Man is funded by the six board members of Black Rock City, LLC, as chronicled in Katherine Chen’s 2008 book Enabling Creative Chaos, which is compellingly not about aging rap capitalists, but still, please read the full letter after the jump. Shout out to legible handwriting, Sedale and the second-to-last sentence.

dr dre letter

Dr. Dre Definitely Started Burning Man