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It’s Official: Apple Is Buying Beats Electronics for $3 Billion

There’s been much speculation and many a celebratory Heinekens, and now it is press-release official: Apple is buying Beats Electronics. The tech company, which is the richest in the world, announced today their plans to … read more »

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Judge Denies Dr. Dre $3 Million Lawsuit Against Death Row Records

A judge has just ruled on Dr. Dre‘s $3 million lawsuit against Death Row Records, stemming from 1996 — the year Dre claims he stopped receiving royalties from The Chronic. In 2010, he sued Death … read more »

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Dr. Dre Confirms Apple / Beats Deal: “The First Billionaire in Hip-Hop Right Here”

In a Heineken-fueled video shot by Tyrese and posted to his Facebook page last night (then subsequently deleted), Dr. Dre seems to confirm the widely reported story that Apple is buying his and Jimmy Iovine’s … read more »

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Dr. Dre, P. Diddy Explain “How Hip-Hop Changed Them” For Vh1 Doc

Tonight is the premiere installment of The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip-Hop, Vh1′s four-part documentary that explores the ascent of hip-hop and its lasting influence on contemporary American culture. To promote the series, … read more »

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Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre Preview a New Song in Beats By Dre Commercial

The latest Beats by Dre commercial does more than just promote their new Pill speakers, it also previews a new Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre collaboration. The 90-second clip begins in the studio, where the … read more »

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Video: Rick Ross f. Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, “3 Kings”

The slightly NSFW video for “3 Kings”—there are a few topless women—is a Rick Rossm Dr. Dre and Jay-Z history lesson for the uninitiated and a walk down memory lane for longtime fans. The Dre … read more »

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Stream: Rick Ross f. Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, “3 Kings”

Jake One produced this feature for Jay-Z and Dr. Dre from Rick Ross‘ forthcoming God Forgives, I Don’t LP, which will be released July 31st. Stream: Rick Ross f. Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, “3 Kings” … read more »

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Download DMX’s The Weigh In EP

DMX is slated to drop his seventh full-length, Undisputed, on June 26th and in anticipation of that, he’s released a 10-track EP, The Weigh In, which boasts a guest appearance from Tyrese, as well as … read more »

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Tupac Hologram Sold a Bunch of Records

Since the Tupac hologram performed at Coachella, the rapper’s back catalogue has seen a spike in sales, Billboard reports. For the past sixteen years, Pac has had a robust posthumous presence, whether it’s through the … read more »

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Diddy, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Birdman and 50 Cent are Still Rap’s Richest Dudes

Forbes has released the Forbes Five, its annual shortlist of rap’s wealthiest artists. 2012′s top earners—Diddy, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Bryan “Birdman” Williams and 50 Cent, in that order—were also 2011′s top earners, and rankings on … read more »

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