Lykke Li, “I Follow Rivers (Tyler, the Creator Remix)” MP3


On the one hand, shout out to print media: we featured Lykke Li and Odd Future in the same issue, F71 for life. But on the other hand, what the hell? Who honestly could’ve predicted this remix? Not us. And it’s amazing. Kick drum mega-gloppy, there’s some left side wood-knocking, sunshine synths. My exes are hoes/ I’ve got a foot fetish so I’ll probably have sex with your toes/ um… There it is. Tyler, the Creator, young legend: you’re so singularly you.

Download: Lykke Li, “I Follow Rivers (Tyler, the Creator Remix)”

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  2. dray says:

    slow burner city!!!!

  3. Shot says:

    major ho on the right

  4. Jacky Reyes says:

    haha look its me .

  5. Ace says:

    She looks like like another OF bop, hopefully these dudes can get better girls to let them fuck now they blowing up lol.

  6. Frederick says:

    look at the white girl on the right. she’s hot as fuck!!!!! no look at the one on the left. -i’ll go jack off now- wold gang wolf gang swag swag

  7. lavita says:

    damn thats brook she modeled one of our unoriginal corny ass t shirts bro. too bad she moved to LA to go broke fuckin teenagers with microphones and skateboards.

  8. Brooke Mumford says:

    ayeee guess im the ho on the right lol

  9. d.wood says:

    dam nigga no da bitch on the rite from mo city….that ho suck n fuck any nigga farreal

  10. karen says:

    they have the same agent. not fucking hard to see through an industry stunt – think about how much more of your bullshit oh-shit moments have been manufactured by dicks you just gave your money to.