FEATURE: The Stoned Cold Business of Being Wiz Khalifa


If there was ever a question about Wiz Khalifa’s affinity for marijuana, the series of mixtapes he released while in major label limbo should put that to rest. Grow Season, Flight School, How Fly (with fellow weed connoisseur Curren$y), Burn After Rolling and Kush & Orange Juice are just a few, but listening to them in order chronicles Khalifa’s ascent from talented kid without much of a signature style to first class ganja enthusiast with an inexplicably unbeatable work ethic and ridiculous knack for hooks. On Kush & OJ, his most recent tape, Khalifa finally sounds completely at home, his Pittsburgh aggression toned into a voice that rests somewhere between the last few minutes before drifting off to sleep and a caffeine jag that sticks around just long enough for him to get a verse to tape. It’s a rare mixtape with a distinct sound from beginning to end. A delayed, romantic and weirdly sad vision of partying with girls, of partying with your bros, of what it means to never be anywhere but in your own head, even when you’re surrounded outside of it. “I didn’t want it to be sad, but it’s real mellow,” he says. “It’s just emotional.”

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  2. Haze-el says:

    Good story, great pics

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  7. Mike says:

    Real Talk

    “I love music but I can’t say I love the music business. I like doing business and profiting off of the fucking dream.”

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  9. Lil Fuk says:

    Worst rapper in a long time.

  10. Robert Ashman says:

    Spelling error at the top of page 3 plain as day, 1st word.

    If you’re gonna follow the guy around all day you might as well get hsi name right lol

  11. Robert Ashman says:


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  13. cool article. i lived in pittsburgh for 3 years before moving back to the DMV, and im glad wiz gave the city something to coalesce around -especially the black people- because the entire region’s identity is wrapped up in the steelers. i wish ppl would talk to him more about his connection to the burgh though.

    peace :)

  14. i love it. when keeping it real goes right.

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  16. CLester says:

    too bad wiz khalifa already sold out// fader can’t back track now so they gotta save face