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Mobb Deep f. Nas, "Dog Shit" MP3


“Dog Shit” is Mobb Deep’s second track since Prodigy’s release from prison and their first collaboration with Nas in over a decade. We're really into this shaky piano sound, definitely into this song happening, but it’s hard getting excited about rappers that don’t sound super excited themselves. Prodigy was in jail for three years and he’s not talking about it and that’s weird. Instead, rap’s most infamous paranoid is regressing to corner shit like You wanna be down, I might allow you work for me/ The keyword is work for me, I put your ass in surgery. The lack of newfound insight is wildly disheartening. What happened to psychic vampirism? To crying over the sham of world politics? What happened to your life?

Download: Mobb Deep f. Nas, "Dog Shit"

Mobb Deep f. Nas, "Dog Shit" MP3