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Video: Sweatson Klank, “Contemplate”

On his track “Contemplate,” LA producer Sweatson Klank delightfully flips a sample of Mobb Deep’s “Hell on Earth”—Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin—stripping the lyric of the original’s heavy implications … read more »

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Download Prodigy’s HNIC 3 Mixtape

By far one of the more exciting things about Prodigy’s latest mixtape is the inclusion of producer Harry Fraud, who is excellent at making the sort of darkly lush music that New York rappers thrive … read more »

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GEN F: Lex Luger

In the spring of 1995, amidst a bid to snap back from the commercial failure of an album called Juvenile Hell, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy offered unrepentant insight into the desperation of his adolescence. I’m only … read more »

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Come on Irene: Songs For The Hurricane That Claimed New York

Hard not to include four Bob Dylan songs,* here, but in between reading rounds, correcting captions, writing incredibly witty blog posts, procuring rations, batteries and wind up emergency radios from Brookstone, stocking up on Bushmills, … read more »

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Every Time a Good New York Rap Song Comes Out We Wonder How There are Bad Ones

Okay not really, because like every other genre in every city ever anywhere, there is some not so great shit being made. But considering rap music started here, it’d be cool if it was still … read more »

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Prodigy, “Pebble Beach” MP3

Continuing to celebrate his newfound freedom by staying locked in the studio, Bandana P takes a cue from his (former?) boss 50 Cent’s very slept on Sincerely Yours Southside tape and grabs a surefire ’80s … read more »

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Video: Mazaradi Fox f. Prodigy, “Nothing To Me”

Ever since Prodigy was released from prison in March, him and Mobb partner Havoc have jumped right back into recording at a comfortable pace, but to a mixed success that usually hinges on the quality … read more »

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Video: Raekwon, “Ferry Boat Killaz”

Raekwon’s new video for “Ferry Boat Killaz” features a very nice ride and Mobb Deep rapper, Prodigy, winking from the backseat recliner—that’s right, backseat recliner. Prodigy isn’t actually featured on the track but that’s OK, … read more »

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Mobb Deep f. Nas, “Dog Shit” MP3

“Dog Shit” is Mobb Deep’s second track since Prodigy’s release from prison and their first collaboration with Nas in over a decade. We’re really into this shaky piano sound, definitely into this song happening, but … read more »

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Mobb Deep, “Love Y’all More” MP3

In his first new record of this decade, Prodigy sounds the same: fresh off a three year bid for staying over-strapped, he’s still calling people fools, still not always rhyming. If Havoc didn’t say “swag,” … read more »

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