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Cop A Look: Prodigy

There is nothing wrong with a little controversy, and no other word is better in describing the nature of English electronic act Prodigy. The band was an unlikely mainstream act, embracing the things the mainstream … read more »

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Cop a Look: ’90s Dance Jams

With the recent proliferation of next-gen dance music, and the scene looking more like a stadium rave than a party these days, we’ve been feeling inspired by the low budget Jock Jams-era of music videos … read more »

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Download Prodigy’s HNIC 3 Mixtape

By far one of the more exciting things about Prodigy’s latest mixtape is the inclusion of producer Harry Fraud, who is excellent at making the sort of darkly lush music that New York rappers thrive … read more »

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Download Waka Flocka and French Montana’s Lock Out Mixtape

Recent Bad Boy signee French Montana and Brick Squad’s second in command, Waka Flocka have linked up for a new tape, Lock Out. “We Mobb” sees two of our favorite still-young-in-game guys collaborating with Mobb … read more »

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Watch Andrew Noz Interview Clams Casino in Spain

Andrew Noz—a man frequently consulted by NPR for his rap expertise—sat for an 120-minute interview/lecture with producer Clams Casino at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, during which Noz spoke with his most lovely, … read more »

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Video: Troy Ave f. Prodigy, “Dirty Martini”

Is this evidence that New York rap as we remember loving it is back in full effect? Between ASAP Rocky and Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire and a constant urge to revisit the first couple Boot Camp … read more »

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Prodigy, “Pebble Beach” MP3

Continuing to celebrate his newfound freedom by staying locked in the studio, Bandana P takes a cue from his (former?) boss 50 Cent’s very slept on Sincerely Yours Southside tape and grabs a surefire ’80s … read more »

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Video: Mazaradi Fox f. Prodigy, “Nothing To Me”

Ever since Prodigy was released from prison in March, him and Mobb partner Havoc have jumped right back into recording at a comfortable pace, but to a mixed success that usually hinges on the quality … read more »

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Prodigy’s The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

In early March, Prodigy was freed from a New York jail following three years of lock-up for weapons charges. He’s been busy since, reuniting with Nas on “Dogg Shit” and lending verses to Currensy. The … read more »

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Mobb Deep f. Nas, “Dog Shit” MP3

“Dog Shit” is Mobb Deep’s second track since Prodigy’s release from prison and their first collaboration with Nas in over a decade. We’re really into this shaky piano sound, definitely into this song happening, but … read more »

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