FADER Ladies Outshone Everyone at the Met Gala Last Night


The Met Costume Institute Gala is the giant benefit that Anna Wintour hosts every year for the fanciest folks in New York, and this year, quite a few FADER-beloved ladies walked the red carpet, outshining, in our eyes, the supermodels and fashion Bettys that generally own the event. Beyonce looked sewed into her black Barbie doll dress, but still confident and strong on the arm of Jay-Z. Rihanna looked a bit sad on the red carpet but had a crazy Pocahontas braid and a dress that made her look like a mermaid. We liked Yoko Ono‘s hat and Ciara’s foamy prom dress. Keri Hilson and LaLa Vasquez both look like they were frosted on Ace of Cakes, and Mary J. Blige‘s gold-plaited dress only served to enhance her beautiful tattoos. Alicia Keys wore croc and held hands with hubby Swizz Beatz. It’s really nice when some of the baddest ladies get together all in one place. (pictures via NYMag)

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