Frank Ocean, “U Got It” MP3


This just-surfaced Frank Ocean track has heavy bass whomp. It’s also got some serious pleading, a brief acoustic guitar cameo and lazer sounds. The best part is the weirdest part, the very end’s herky-jerky keys. “U Got It” would fit perfectly on every hip-hop and R&B station in the US; countdown until Frank is a star starts now. Or, like a couple months ago.

Download: Frank Ocean, “U Got It”

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  2. TadAllagash says:

    Still not sure ODD FUTURE isn’t the ultimate blog/hype/buzzband creation of web 2.5. I just don’t see this group garnering the street buzz as much as it garners blog buzz. The blogs WANT to think they can launch a group on urban radio the way they have on college radio. Only time will tell.

    Frank Ocean has a real chance to blow up though. More than Tyler or Earl, this is a cat with songs I can see on mainstream radio.

  3. deej says:

    who will be the first to mash this up with the cranberries’ “zombie”? little tweaking needed but same progression.

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  5. roga says:

    who gives a hoot what blows up on the street or mainstream radio anymore. most of that crap is just run-off from mtv anyways. frank ocean was heading in that direction and got screwed by the douches over at def jam (so street my a$$) and choose to join the OF anarchy instead…