Kreayshawn Is Good and Weird, Odd Future Guys Agree

Kreayshawn debuts the “Gucci Gucci” video.

May 18, 2011


The first time I noticed Kreayshawn, she was smoking a blunt with Lil B while he danced topless to a Soulja Boy boy song. This was during the late-2009 heyday of based uploads, and hers was the presence of a #rare second human in a Lil B video. Then I started seeing director credits—she did B's "Like A Martian" and that insane slow-mo Stalker video with all the dread-shaking. Last year, she put out a mixtape that was more weird than good, and it kind of felt like that was that.

Then a month ago I saw her second show ever, where she rapped about burning a house down like she was Left Eye and super-lazily danced in platform boots with a nose ring connected to her ear, and good and weird felt like the same thing. "Gucci Gucci" is one of the finest of her new tracks, a not-reprehensible beat-blend of Drumma Boy and dub wobble, with an ingenious inversion of a traditional rap hook. The video is theoretically pretty normal, but watching Kreayshawn rap and care more about inventing gang signs than dancing, supported silently by her possible sister/possible Parent Trap digi-clone, is like trying to make sense of Hello Kitty on Dextromethorphan. Multiple Odd Future cameos lend a little credibility, but just one look at Kreayshawn's pink-balloon mouse headband makes it clear she's inventing this space for herself.

Kreayshawn Is Good and Weird, Odd Future Guys Agree