Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Washington DC

May 20, 2011 12:11PM

Last night’s vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in DC was the opening party for a new space called, fittingly, vitaminwater uncapped LIVE. It kicked off 30 days of music, sport and fashion events in the nation’s capital. Hundreds of people came out to show love for our favorite DMV artists. They enjoyed free Heineken, filled all three floors of the venue and made fine use of the ping pong table Joola graciously donated. DJ Alizay spun for the first hour, kicking off one of the tour’s most stacked nights before Uptown XO opened up the mic-ripping. Fat Trel, our new favorite Twitterer, was more than happy to be there, and that makes us happy too. Actually, shout out Wale’s twitter too—DC’s native son and special guest headliner brought along a whole team with him, sharing shine with Northern Virginia’s hottest MC Black Cobain, Tre from DC’s great UCB band, Tiara Thomas (who ripped on guitar) and and fellow Maybach Music signee Magazeen. Rye Rye made the trip from Baltimore with her amazing crew of dancers, turning in another great uncapped performance that had the whole floor shaking and the whole crowd bouncing along. It’s always extra crazy to fill your own venue, to have a place for artists to really let loose, and we were glad y’all packed it long into the morning.

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  1. teri says:

    Interestingly enough, The Fader appreciate the guests the artists brought to perform but ejected their families and friends from the green room/backstage so the staff could lounge and look cool? Super wack. Perhaps next time, just get your own lounge and leave the artists to enjoy being artists with their collaborators, friends and families. AND before you try to say the room was too crowded, it wasn’t, i was there, it never reached capacity. Only when the room was filling with people of color did your staff take issue. All the artists were of color and after your staffer started freaking out, the room was all white faces. Artists were left to hang in the hallway. Double wack!

  2. missaminata says:

    i had an awesome time at this event. the featured artists were flowing in great energy. the audience was vibing. overall dopeness. much respect to all who were involved in its fruition.

    the photo booth was LOVE! :)

  3. missaminata says:

    oh, and the young woman who was w/wale–that’s not teedra moses, guys. her name was tiara [something i can't remember] :)

  4. Tom Nguyen says:

    I believe it was Tiara Thomas.


  6. bellhooks says:

    the fader is (obviously) part of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.