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Newly Leaked Songs From The Weeknd

No doubt that the hype behind The Weeknd is as much fueled by Abel Tesfaye's reticence as it is by the strength of his House of Balloons mixtape, which has cemented The Weeknd as one of the most sought-after artists of the season—if not 2011. Naturally his reluctance to speak has spurred a mad dash to find more material. For those of you who also weren't satisfied by House of Balloons screwed and chopped, the following tracks might be the bounty of the greater media's treasure hunt: previously unreleased material from when Tesfaye worked with a production team called The Noise, including a Drake demo. These tracks prove that House of Balloons was not a fluke, but they also give a sense for Tesfaye's growth as The Weeknd, matching his indisputable skill with some amazing hooks. These tracks will do for now, but we can't wait to hear something that will really seize the day (week, year!) like "The Morning." Luckily, two more tapes are slated for this summer/fall.

Stream: Unreleased Songs From The Weeknd (via Vulture via Pigeons and Planes)

Newly Leaked Songs From The Weeknd