Tensnake’s New Video Proves That Children Are Still the Future

When we saw The Hangover 2 last week, one scene stuck out to us specifically because it made little to no sense. Zach Galifianakis has some sort of memory/vision thing in which every player in the movie is re-imagined as a little kid partying. It seemed a little strange, but then we remembered that not so long ago there was an entire reality show called Kid Nation that made kids act like adults and form their own society. Needless to say, it was kind of hard to watch and raised a lot of questions about exactly how much digging into hard dirt on a dusty frontier with a rusty pick any single 12-year-old should actually do. This video for Tensnake’s “Something About You” follows the same conceit, except replace manual labor on reality TV with a bunch of kids raging in a club. You’d expect them to be jumping around with balloons or something, but they mostly play it pretty straight and drink milk cocktails (eww). Turns out that on the low, kids are really just trying emulate adults most of the time, even partying in the same ways (but with a little more gleeful, unselfconscious head shaking). Mostly, this makes this video endlessly appealing to watch, except when the bass hits in a particularly dark and cavernous way midway through the song, and then everything feels like that scene in Twin Peaks when the midget is talking backwards and shuffle-dancing around in a velvet room.

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  2. big bert says:

    WOW!! That is off the charts. Amazing video, great song! MORE MORE MORE

  3. Lil Raver says:

    Couldn’t agree more.. That is fantastic work! Brilliant