Girl Stop: Kreayshawn Signs Massive Deal With Columbia


When we premiered Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” a couple weeks ago, we weren’t certain that the gay bars and normal people of the world would also embrace her as their own lovable, Adderall-pumped, girl-gang siren. Now, officially, big-money wants in. Kreayshawn signed a high dollar deal with Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Thanks to this, “Gucci Gucci” will be available via digital retail (what the kids are into!) next Tuesday, June 14th. Her debut full length is promised later this year. The last buzz-worthy white lady rappers (besides Ke$ha) cosigned by a major were Northern State. Columbia released their second album and had them work with a number of star producers, but things ended poorly, and the group wiggled out of the deal after disagreements. The world is a vampire. Still, we wish Krey the best!

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  1. rap says:

    she would sell out before hitting it big.

  2. Kreayshawn is white says:

    It’s great that she got signed but she seriously has to stop loosely using the term nigger cause 1.SHES NOT BLACK!!!!!!!! unless she has That caramel skin then she could use it but her ass really gotta stop using nigga like if it was a verb

  3. erin says:

    ok…Gucci Gucci is catchy. Otherwise, I have no idea how she is going to come up with enough good material to release a decent album. Her mix tape is awful…listen to it…. ( For the moment she’s exciting. It’s all about the ‘novelty’, but in the long run, she’s not a very talented artist, to say the least..

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  5. josh says:

    even dumb people on the internet know she is a fad

  6. Bee says:


  7. KillaRas says:

    Gimmicky trash. She’ll disappear into the abyss any second now…

  8. Jonathan Gaulthrwaight says:

    I’m still confused who is in this band. It is Kreashwaon and like 3 other bitches who seem to mind-meld with her and one is in prison( >??????) but I thought she got out several months ago and then there is the one featured in the photo above who never does anything in the videos but is somehow still ‘recognized’… Minnie Mouse I cama cama LOVe you…

    haters gonna ha-die

    my caps, my caps

  9. Mildew says:

    Bad Bitches & Comic Books

    this shit is way doper than that pop shit

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