Birdman Lost Two Million Dollars on LeBron James

Because he definitely did not lose it on Chris Bosh or Dwayne Wade. Earlier this month, Birdman, notorious bettor, waged a cool two million bucks on the Miami Heat to win the NBA finals. Last night the Heat lost to the Mavs in game six, their star LeBron puttering around the court helplessly. That is, when he wasn’t benched. But maybe more of a factor in the Finals was not LeBron’s absence, but gigantic German Dirk Nowitzki’s presence. That is certainly what Birdman was paying attention to last night from his courtside seats. Moments before the game officially ended and the Mavs won their first title ever, Dirk walked off the court to have a serene moment. In his path, past naysayers and well-wishers, he breezes by an agape Birdman (in the red hat), who turns around to watch the MVP leave. And he watches him for four excruciating seconds. What could he have been thinking about? His money? Dirk’s undeniable grace and skill? The strange shape of Chris Bosh’s head? Birdman’s 1000-yard stare starts at five seconds in on the above video. Someone make this into an animated gif.

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