Photos: vitaminwater uncapped LIVE in Philadelphia

June 17, 2011 12:00PM

There were perfect vibes at Fluid last night in Philly for the city of brotherly love’s vitaminwater uncapped LIVE show. Sean Falyon brought his mother—a longtime Philadelphia police officer—out, Young Chris brought three of the biggest body guards we’ve ever seen and Freeway sported some of the biggest diamonds. All three of the night’s performers were total gentlemen, hanging out in the crowd all night, taking pictures and sharing some open-bar Heinekens with their supporters. Opener DJ PHSH spun right into Sean Falyon’s set. Young Chris graced the crowd with a ton of free Division 1 tees—the new label started by writer/producer Rico Love—and tickets to he and Freeway’s upcoming official State Property reunion at Atlantic City’s Summerfest. Freeway had tickets too, but rather than tossing them into the audience, he put contestants through a classic State Prop history quiz, before launching into classics like “Flipside” and “What We Do Is Wrong.” If you missed the show, stay tuned to for a live recording—EVR broadcast the whole event last night, including interviews with all the artists. For now, here are some of our favorite photos.

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