Watch Arcade Fire & Spike Jonze’s Scenes From the Suburbs Short Film

Ah, Monday. Wouldn’t it be nice just to zone out and watch a movie? Even if it is about a war-torn suburban town and adolescent angst, it’d still be better than actually having to think today. For those of you at liberty to do so, you can now stream the entire Arcade Fire Spike Jonze-directed short film Scenes From the Suburbs here. For the rest of us working lumps, we’ll have to watch the trailer (above) and wait til evening.

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  1. Abner says:

    It’s not available in the US. Thanks though…

  2. Jamie says:

    Yup, Arcade Fire I am disappointed. I looked forward to this short movie ever since the release of the suburbs music vid. Now the day has finally come, and everyone gets the shaft after it was advertised it could be viewed for free online… Well, normally I don’t pirate my favorite bands albums and movies, but this will be the first. I will see this one for free regardless and just wait for the torrent.

  3. winston smith says:

    it’s available to watch on vimeo at: