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Project Pat f. Juicy J, "Kelly Green" MP3


When not making perfect murder death kill fight riot music, Three 6 Mafia are noted in their ability to pull back and knock out a very particular brand of joyously energetic 808 knocking, soul sampling Southern rap. They have a formula, to be certain, but it's one that never seems to get old. It produced some of their biggest hits in "Stay Fly" and "Players Anthem." They bring more of that with "Kelly Green" (according to a lazy googling this title is either a reference to an Australian interior designer or a website that sells biodegradable bamboo umbrellas) on which Pat is very excited about marijuana and kicking his own similarly formulaic but never tiring Prah-ject Pat-tah flow. It's comfort music for after the brawl. If only Club No Name had a chillout room. Pat's Loud Pack is available Tuesday, and he's also putting an album out on that day. (via DGB)

Download: Project Pat f. Juicy J, "Kelly Green"

Project Pat f. Juicy J, "Kelly Green" MP3