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Dubbel Dutch's Slow Club Mix MP3


"Heartbroken," a souped-up 2007 single from British garage producer T2 certainly had its time—hitting #2 on the UK charts and scoring celeb Brit footballers Micah Richards and Anton Ferdinand to star in its video, now viewed at least six million times on YouTube. But maybe "Heartbroken," at least in a pitched down form, is also 2011's sleeper Summer Jam? Nguzunguzu threw it into their XLR8R podcast in July and Chicago kids Supreme Cuts cut it for their Significant Other Mix. A snippet of "Heartbroken" snuck in right at the front of Dubbel Dutch’s new Slow Club mix, too. The DJ says it's hot this week in Texas, where he lives. Seems he's spending time with no shirt on in front his computer and fan, listening to schmaltzy Jersey Club R&B remixes. And, inspired by O.G. Ron C's Fuck Action screwed R&B mixtape series, he took on the task of making them a bit slower. Do you call that fuck-all passing time, or capturing a zeitgest, ooey gooey moment culture moment we're sharing? Probably okay to not think about it too hard and focus on boning instead.

Download: Dubbel Dutch's Slow Club Mix (via Pinglewood)

Dubbel Dutch's Slow Club Mix MP3