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Stacy Barthe's Sincerely Yours EP

Two days ago, master songwriter/Surf Club member Stacy Barthe tweeted the question: "What if all the amazing songwriters I know sung their own songs the way it was intended to be sung?" She takes an unpretentious swing at her own songs, and delivers, on her new Sincerely Yours EP. Barthe has incredible control over her singing voice, doling out an enormous store of mid-range, smoky breath from the top of her throat in decisively timed surges and bends. Delivered by her, the whispered sex of "Touch," brittle hum of "Without You" and candid power of "Comy Little Coffin," pack unforgettable directness.

Download: Stacey Barthe's Sincerely Yours EP

Stacy Barthe's Sincerely Yours EP