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Zola Jesus, "Seekir" MP3

Labor Day has come and passed, marking the tip of a season of new starts—people begin anew at school, sign fresh apartment leases or try to find their socks and pants. It's a moment befitting "Seekir," a song which asks, Do you wonder what will come? Nika Danilova bka Zola Jesus’ new record Conatus alludes to a metaphysical idea, that things—made of mind or matter—bear a will to exist, and to become something new, perhaps in spite of themselves. Some days this year you may feel wonderful, and others you might feel repellent. Danilova's record (October 4th via Sacred Bones) suggests that all those days, no matter the quality, are opportunities to grow.

Download: Zola Jesus, "Seekir"

Zola Jesus, "Seekir" MP3