How to Dress Well, “Here in Heaven 3″ (Elite Gymnastics Cover) MP3


Given the already soul-baring source material—Is it OK to be in love with something dead?/ What happens to us if we accept that I’m unfixable?—maybe it’s not surprising How to Dress Well‘s brand of unvarnished pleading is super affecting here, covering Elite Gymnastics‘ hugely depressing Ruin standout (j/k, they’re all standouts) “Here, in Heaven.” On the second half of that album, available now via Acéphale, Elite Gymnastics already essentially covered themselves, but HTDW’s man-and-organ third version doesn’t crowd the track. Instead it’s liberating, and in the clarity of its delivery, a real tribute to the songwriting Elite Gymnastics’ production sometimes obscures. And this is how I hurt you: by trying so hard not to/ Can’t you see I love you? Please let that be enough. An entire free EP of Elite Gymnastics covers comes out in November, with contributions from CFCF, Physical Therapy and more.

Download: How to Dress Well, “Here in Heaven 3″ (Elite Gymnastics Cover) (via stereogum)

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  1. Alice says:

    all I hear is “nothing compares to you”