Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept 26- Oct 7, 2011

October 07, 2011

Double whammy edition of the Brick Squad Weekly since we missed out last Friday. With Gucci locked up and Waka getting into altercations involving shoves and eating french fries, there hasn't been much music from the crew's figureheads, but as usual the second string picks up the slack. Here are some of those releases, but probably not all of them. Because you can't seriously expect me to to keep a running tab of everything Brick Squad for fourteen consecutive days.

Joe Moses, "How We Do It" BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW
Lesser known Brick Squad West member spitting some of most straightforward and undeniable traditionalist rapping to ever come out of the camp to Ricky D by way of Montel Jordan. Or maybe just anybody would sound nice on that beat. Shots are fired at Lil B and Tyler, and the whole world shrugs.

Waka Flocka f. Slim Dunkin and Yung Joey, "Banned From The Club" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)
Late video for this Twin Towers 2 banger.

Trouble f. Gucci Mane, "Step It Up" (BOW BOW BOW)
Don't play with Gucci Mane / play with your son.

Wooh Da Kid f. Frenchie, "Follow Me" (BOW BOW BOW)
At first I was like I can't bow to this, but then I reconsidered, thanks to Wooh and Frenchie using the sheer propulsion of their vocals to turn would-be sensitive trance rap into semi-sensitive trap rap.

YG Hootie, "2 Doe" (BOW BOW BOW)
Alfredo! Menudo!

Rich Kid Shawty f. Slim Dunkin, "Dwayne Wade (Remix)" (BOW BOW BOW)
It's always a welcome collision when the BSM links with Atlanta's other underground of sing-songy post-swag rap (the real swag rap) and this is no exception. Plus it gives you an excuse to look at that inspired Fantastic 4 mixtape artwork.

L.A. Da Boomman f. Gucci Mane & Pacman Shawty, "Man Down" (BOW BOW BOW)
"Chopper Down" > "Man Down" but whatever.

Young Swift f. Scrilla and Slim Dunkin (BOW BOW BOW)
This is all beginning to sound the same, isn't it?

Not really but really.

Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept 26- Oct 7, 2011