Washed Out, “Eyes Be Closed” (Grimes Remix) + Grimes, “Oblivion” MP3s

October 17, 2011

Grimes opened for Washed Out at the Bowery Ballroom back in July, and it was clear that not many people in the audience knew who she was. She whirled around her equipment like a dervish, looking a little flummoxed by the entire production. For those (including myself) who'd played "Vanessa" over and over and over again, the moment when she cued the song, the collective spirit rose, and it seemed, for a minute, like everyone in the place was there just to see her (or maybe, they'd finally taken notice?). She commanded the stage, as much a result of her own comfort and confidence as it was the audience's reciprocity. A lot has changed since July (and even since August), she's gotten a lot more attention and exposure, and from the sounds of it, her new material will get "Vanessa"-level play around the FADER HQ. Here, we've got a taste of what she can do with her former headlining act, Washed Out's "Eyes Be Closed" as well as her new song, "Oblivion," both via Pitchfork.

Download: Washed Out, "Eyes Be Closed" (Grimes Remix)

Download: Grimes, "Oblivion"

Posted: October 17, 2011
Washed Out, “Eyes Be Closed” (Grimes Remix) + Grimes, “Oblivion” MP3s