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St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Detroit Lineup + Schedule

Sigur Ros, Washed Out and The National will headline the first-ever Laneway Festival Detroit, taking place at Meadow Brook in Rochester Hills, MI on September 14th. Buy tickets now, and see the complete lineup and … read more »

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A Year in Music: Amber Bravo

It’s difficult to differentiate a year in music from just a year. Beyonce exists because we hear her at the gym, Bill Callahan is important because he sings about America while we’re abroad, the first … read more »

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Washed Out, “Amor Fati (Clams Casino Remix)” MP3

Clams Casino takes a beautiful and lushly downcast look at Washed Out’s “Amor Fati.” The subject here is loving your lot in life. Where Washed Out sweeps epically, going with the flow and smelling roses … read more »

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Washed Out, “Call It Off” MP3

We didn’t really know that Washed Out had a dark side, he of endlessly-happy atmospheres and albums that sound like a permanent vacation, but here it is. “Call It Off” is from his forthcoming 12-inch … read more »

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Washed Out, “Eyes Be Closed” (Grimes Remix) + Grimes, “Oblivion” MP3s

Grimes opened for Washed Out at the Bowery Ballroom back in July, and it was clear that not many people in the audience knew who she was. She whirled around her equipment like a dervish, … read more »

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Video: Washed Out, “Far Away”

Though hardly half over, 2011 has long been the year of the sax solo, and Washed Out‘s Yours Truly performance of “Far Away” adds wonderfully to that canon. And much credit to the dude: it’s … read more »

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GEN F: Washed Out

Ernest Greene is 26 years old and a little lost. Since graduating from college in Columbia, South Carolina, he’s moved back to his hometown, gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend and, despite his best intentions, … read more »

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #3

Stream and download the third of four mixes in our Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play series. It’s the most cathartic Reaction Re-Play mix so far, with plenty of pure angst moments, all released in the end … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: July 31, 2011 Edition

** Soulja Boy may or may not have bought himself a very expensive jet. We talked with him about weed, girls and making beats. ** Frank Ocean released an airy, dry humored new track, “Thinking … read more »

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Washed Out, “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak Cover) MP3

You really couldn’t find a better person to cover Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games” than Washed Out’s Ernest Greene. Like Isaak, he’s got those all-American good looks, seems like a genuinely nice guy and, let’s face … read more »

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