Keyboard Kid’s The Mind Is So Complex When You’re #Based EP


This week Seattle’s longtime Lil B producer and positive lifestyle devotee Keyboard Kid released an instrumental EP of as-yet-unrapped-on gems entitled The Mind Is So Complex When You’re #Based. Imogen Heap features prominently, as is characteristic, her words tumbling around like a quilt in the dryer. Phoenix shows up, and M83 gets pitched down in one of the EP’s pioneering moments. It’s super listenable. There’s plenty of space in the beats to add your own based freestyle, but the instrumentals are involved enough to stand up on their own too. It’s great reading music, with transcendental rides and prime foundation layers for a trip through your favorite sacred text. The whole thing’s available on Bandcamp for less than the price of coffee. Our three favorites are below.

Stream: Keyboard Kid, “Breathe In,” “Untimely Death,” “Sleepless in Seattle”

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  1. Brent Fresh says:

    Yeah, definitely dope. Looking forward to hearing some artists on this one! Props on the find/post Duncan