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Deadboy's Halloween Mix 2011 MP3


Sometimes I still play Deadboy’s Halloween Mix from last year, though 12 months later I'm no better versed in ’70s horror films or wherever the tracks come from to actually identify what I'm hearing. Half the appeal of Deadboy's Halloween series, if you can call two mixes a series, is sacrificing context, embracing the intentional absence of a tracklist, like the mix equivalent of turning out the lights. Where'd that sound come from?! Did you HEAR that? Etc. There are more rave drums in 2011's mix, though, and it features an appropriate Halloween theme edit, along with recognizable non-season-specific tracks like Gucci Mane's Radric Davis opener "Classical," awesomely, plus DJ Elmoe's life-changing "Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead" and DJ Roc's footwork take on "One Blood." So maybe 2011's less about be hard to figure out and more about just being rad. The mix was released by Bristol club night Crazylegs.

Download: Deadboy's Halloween Mix 2011

Deadboy's Halloween Mix 2011 MP3