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Outkast, "Unhappy (Deebs Dreary Dayz Rework)" MP3

I ripped Outkast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below from a CD I got at the library that was perched among Putumayo compilations. What's probably a common fairytale followed—infatuation, drawing the Outkast logo on my notebooks and frantically trying to memorize Big Boi’s "Roses" verse. As he chose to remix "Unhappy", a deep album cut, I'd like to think that Canadian producer Deebs has a similarly nostalgic relationship with Speakerboxxx. Taking "Unhappy"’s squawking loop and making it a groovy canvas for clattering beats, Deebs pays a shimmering tribute to Mr. DJ's southern-fried production.

Download: Outkast, "Unhappy (Deebs' Dreary Dayz Rework)" (via XLR8R)

Outkast, "Unhappy (Deebs Dreary Dayz Rework)" MP3